Muriel Cooper
Psychologist in Mornington

lucid book cover


I'm excited to tell you that My first novel 'Lucid' is now out published by Pegasus. Here's the plot reveal.

Successful Melbourne criminal lawyer Rick Peterson puts his newfound ability of lucid dreaming to work to create a nostalgic dream destination, Wellstone. It's a perfect country town, always 1959 and always perfect – until a grisly murder shakes Rick's lucid world.

To save his sanity, he must find out who the murderer is. With the help of his investigator and girlfriend, Lisa Armstrong, he sets out to uncover the truth about Wellstone, and come to terms with his own inner demons.

In reality, he is pursued by a Sydney gangster and his beloved Mornington Peninsula stud cattle property is under threat from developers. For Rick Peterson, life in both worlds is anything but dull.

I'd love you to invest in a copy and tell me what you think of it – write a review on Goodreads, it's easy.